On June 4 there will be a special election in Los Angeles to vote on a tax increase for properties located within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Known as Measure EE, this is new property tax would cost property owners of every home, apartment, office, business and all other buildings within the boundaries of the LAUSD $.16 per square foot ($160 for every 1,000 square feet). The proponents of Measure EE state, if passed, the EXTRA property tax charge would last 12 years and then be eliminated. However, we housesellers have never known of any increase on any tax whether it be sales tax, gas tax, etc. that ever gets rolled back. While we rarely offer advice on how people should vote on certain measures, bills or laws, we stand with the majority of the local community in urging you to get out and vote "NO" on this proposal.

From what we have been able to ascertain, proponents of the measure claim the money is needed to reduce class sizes and hire more staff, but the LAUSD's finances have historically been so mismanaged that LA County has long considering taking over the school district and hiring experts to run it. There is also evidence that a substantial portion of the money raised could go to their unfunded retirement liability for retired teachers. There are just too many questions as to how effectively the district will spend the new money and whether the proposed oversight mechanisms are strict enough for this measure to pass.

We strongly encourage you to research this matter and draw your own conclusions, and you are always welcome to contact us to clear up any confusion you may have on this or any other issues. For anyone who votes by mail, your ballots were mailed out on May 6 so you should have them by now. Voters who prefer to vote on Election Day can find their polling place at www.lavote.net/locatorbyaddress