For hundreds of years children and their parents have been building treehouses where kids could have their own space, enjoy the outdoors in the safety of their own yards and use their imaginations and creativity to dream up any worlds they could think of. Then a couple of decades ago, man caves became an adult, male version of that. So, it only follows that women would also want their own spaces to enjoy what they want to do when they prefer some privacy and "me" time. Enter the 'she shed'. First gaining traction a few years ago, she sheds have become a global phenomenon and, like tiny houses, are definitely no longer a fad or short lived trend. 

Using social media as a cue (especially Pinterest and Instagram), she sheds are typically made from prefab sheds like the kind you'd get at the local home improvement store, and even the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot offer design, building and assembly tips on their websites. Sometimes, they are simply converted from a garage or unused garden shed. And one of the first public mentions of a she shed in Los Angeles is an online article we housesellers read referencing an LA Times story from 2016 that mentions a lawyer whose family moved to a 1915 Silver Lake home with a carriage house. Her family wanted to install plumbing and rent it out as an Airbnb, but she liked the idea of having a space to escape to. So instead, she tasked a designer friend with converting the 10 x 12 structure into a place where she could read, watch TV, and just be alone.

From all of the examples we have seen online, women are getting amazingly creative with their she sheds. We've seen them turned into writer’s nooks, art studios, gardening sheds, sewing dens and cooking labs. We have seen exteriors that resembled dollhouses, train cabooses, Cape Cod cottages and old time country barns. For some, they become a place just to take an uninterrupted nap away from the noise and activity of the main house or a place to hold their book club. If you have a creative idea for a she shed or just want to brag about yours, please let us know!