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    Monday Morning Coffee


"What isn't tried won't work."
~ Claude McDonald
We're all familiar with the idea that the things we really regret are the things that we never did. Our mistakes are easier to live with because at least we dared to achieve something, even if we failed. So when we fear to try, and fear to succeed or fail, what do we do? We complain.
But have you noticed that folks only complain about things that can actually be changed? How useless is it to complain about the weather, after all? A violent thunderstorm may wreck our plans, but we ultimately just accept it and adjust our plans to accommodate Mother Nature. But our real complaints are based on the belief that there is something better out there.
Believing in something better is different from achieving something better. The difference is risk. We may believe there's a better job out there, but we may risk being unemployed to find it. We may believe there is a better partner for us, but we may risk being alone while we search. We may believe there is a better solution to a problem at work, but we risk ridicule when we share our ideas.
How could it be better to just complain about something, when you can actually risk having everything you desire? Charles Dubois wrote that "the important thing is this. To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." Why have a problem letting go of mediocrity? Why fear accomplishing your dreams and becoming the person you want to be?
Stop complaining to colleagues about your personal life, stop complaining to your spouse about work! Stop complaining to anyone who cannot help you make a change. Go straight to the source of your unhappiness and start working toward your vision. If you know it can better, make it so, or simply remain where you are. Doing nothing risks nothing, but risking something could give you everything!